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As a general statement this is completely untrue!

This is a recent proposition that has been put forward by some in the superannuation industry, particularly those tied to the industry fund sector.

It all depends on your circumstances and what you want to achieve in your fund, and it is vital that any comparison between SMSF’s and other funds be performed on a like for like basis – not an oranges and apples basis!

Industry funds may provide benefits in cheaper insurance and admin costs for some members in some circumstances; however, for others the benefits of flexibility and control of an SMSF are more suited to their needs.

If you are considering a switch to or from an SMSF, make sure that you have all the information that you need to make the choice, and please consult a financial planner as required.

Perhaps for some, but not until you have all the facts!

There is much discussion about PROPOSED changes to franking credits and other matters that could impact the legislation and tax position of SMSFs.

However, at this stage these proposals are still being debated and may or may not proceed, despite the outcome of the federal election.

Seek advice first If you are thinking of winding up or starting an SMSF – note that this advice needs to be from a properly qualified financial planner.


IT’S ACTUALLY NOT OK, there can be serious tax consequences for the fund if you do not withdraw your minimum pension this year. These include:

  • No tax exemption – the SMSF may not be entitled to the tax exemption under the superannuation legislation in respect of income (and net capital gains) derived from pension assets for the entire income year, and
  • No more transfers of assets in specie to count toward your minimum pension – from 1July 201  7, the fund can no longer transfer assets in specie that count towards your minimumpension. Note that asset transfers in specie are still allowed, but the minimum pension must be paid in cash.

No - Not Always!

Although as the Trustee of your SMSF you set your fund’s Investment Strategy and decide where to invest your fund’s monies, there are restrictions in place to safeguard that money that are imposed by the Superannuation Legislation.

One of these restrictions is the SOLE PURPOSE TEST – this is a fundamental requirement for all super funds to follow to ensure that the Fund’s sole purpose is for the provision of retirement benefits to members and their beneficiaries (in the event of death).

Because of this requirement there are some things that your SMSF just cannot do, for example invest in vintage cars that are driven by you on the weekend, buy a house to put your parents in, lend the SMSF monies to your small business at a great interest rate ….

Whilst the above examples are black and white, there are many grey areas in investing, particularly where there is a related party involved in the investment.

It is always best to seek proper advice before you enter into an investment in your SMSF, as there are significant tax and personal penalties that the ATO can apply when the Sole Purpose Test or other investment provisions are breached.

No – any penalties are to be paid personally.

The ATO can impose penalties on Trustees ranging from $2,100 to $12,600 for breaches of legislation, such as lending money to a member or relative.  
However, this penalty must be paid from personal funds.

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